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Oil Change Service

The automotive industry has seen tremendous improvements in the oils used in our vehicles. Today your vehicle will have either conventional oil, synthetic blend oil, or full synthetic oil.  Each of these have different service interval recommendations.  At Kremer Services we recommend you follow the factory recommended oil change  interval for your vehicle. If you are not sure, just ask and we can look it up and inform you as to the proper interval for the vehicle you drive.  Due to the demands we put on our cars, pick ups, and SUV’s with stop & go driving in the Minneapolis and St Paul area, regular oil service is one of the most important services you have performed.  Longer oil change intervals may appear as money saving on the surface, but the regular inspections Kremer Services performs on every vehicle while having scheduled oil service performed will discover many problems while they are still minor.  Catching problems and repairing them while minor will “in the long run” save you much more money than eliminating an oil change here to there.


At Kremer Services, our ASE trained technicians perform your oil change, not a part time drain and fill lube tech.


Our regular oil service includes:


  • Draining the old oil and replacing the old filter.
  • Adding up to 5 quarts of oil of the proper viscosity recommended for your engine.
  • Lubricating the chassis.
  • Inspecting & topping off other under hood fluids.
  • Checking and adjusting tire pressures.
  • Disposing of your old oil by approved EPA standards.
  • Perform a front to back visual inspection of your vehicle.
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