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Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

We get many phone calls with the same concern….”my air conditioner is not blowing cold”!   Unfortunately, it usually on a day when the humidity and the temperature are both in the extreme zone.  If your searching for automotive air conditioning service in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, very few auto repair facilities have the experience we have on automotive air conditioning systems.   Kremer Services has been repairing automotive air conditioners since they were first added to vehicles….really!  That means our technicians have literally seen them all.  If your car, SUV, or pick up has an air conditioner that is no longer keeping you comfortable, just call Kremer Services!   We service virtually all makes and models and do our best to get you back on the road fast and at a fair price.

Services Performed

  • In depth inspection of lines and hoses.
  • Test and record the systems high and low pressure readings.
  • Check and record the temperature of the air from the air conditioning vents at maximum cool setting.
  • Freon cleansing; because freon is harmful to the environment, we take special care to use the proper recovery machines to ensure that none of the material escapes during service.
Automotive Air Conditioning Control Panel

R134a Retrofit Service

  • Case by case evaluation on what will be needed.
  • R-12 Freon is recovered along with the R-12 oil and properly disposed according to EPA regulations.
  • The system is flushed.
  • Install the R134a retrofit kit (a small number of vehicles may require different seals and hoses).
  • Evacuate and recharge the system with R134a freon and compatible oil.
  • Install mandatory retrofit labeling.

Special Considerations
The Environmental Protection Agency determined that Freon known as R-12 or CFC-12 was damaging the ozone layer and stopped production of the material. Now R-12 Freon is hard to find and very expensive. Although most vehicles produced before 1995 use R-12 in their air conditioning systems our Technicians can retrofit your vehicle to the new approved R134a. R134a is a more environmentally friendly freon. This retrofit is more cost effective than attempting to repair the older systems.