Leaf Spring & Suspension Repair

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Leaf springs had their beginning smoothing the ride of people in carriages in England in the late 1700’s.  Kremer Spring & Alignment began operations in 1898 and has been the greater Minneapolis & St Paul area’s leaf spring provider ever since. Our humble beginnings were as a black smith shop servicing horse drawn buggies, carts, & carriages.  Then as the automobile industry exploded, leaf springs were an integral suspension component of most early vehicles including the Ford Model T.  Still today, leaf spring technology is the primary suspension part for many pick ups, SUV’s, high performance cars, heavy & light duty trailers, commercial vehicles, rail cars, busses, motorhomes, pull behind RV’s and many other motorized and non motorized vehicles and trailers. The unique design of a leaf spring allows us to build each spring to support the necessary weight.  Kremer Services is the absolute leader in the leaf spring industry, known nationwide for our ability to meet any leaf spring design challenge. No other leaf spring company in the upper midwest has the leaf spring expertise & experience of Kremer Services, now 120 years strong!

Products and services offered at our spring shop include:

Extensive inventory of leaf springs for almost any vehicle.

  • Leaf springs customized to meet your specifications.
  • Leaf springs re-arched to bring “new life” to old springs.
  • Extra leafing for increased load capabilities.
  • Utility trailer springs.
  • U-bolts made to order.
  • Spring pins and bushings.
  • Shackles and shackle pins.
  • Centerbolts and shackle bolts.
  • Spring hangers.
  • OEM and Super Duty Coil Springs.
  • Hendrickson Walking Beam Service.
  • Timbren Ride Control & Suspension Boosters for medium & heavy-duty trucks.
  • Heavy-duty helper spring kits.
  • Firestone Ride Rite air spring kits.
  • A wide range of suspension components including shackle kits, hangers, bushings, saddles and trunions.
  • Raydan Air Ride suspensions.
  • Link UltraRide Air Supensions.