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Custom Hydraulic Hoses

If you are searching for air conditioning or high pressure hydraulic or water hose assemblies and fittings, you’ve come to the right place.   Kremer Services is your headquarters for Diamond Advantage hoses and hose end configurations. For applications with higher pressures, increased temperature ranges, and a need for abrasion resistant covers, Kremer Services and Eaton Weatherhead provide your best choice.  Kremer Services is pleased to partner with Eaton Weatherhead for all of our hydraulic hoses and fittings.  Weatherhead has been part of Eaton since 2002, and part of Kremer Services since 2015.  Eaton Weatherhead offers the industries widest selection of hydraulic hose, hose ends, assembly equipment, tube fittings, couplings and support accessories.  Bus and truck applications is one of Weatherhead’s specialities making them a natural partner with Kremer Services.  For years Eaton has been the industry leader in development of new hydraulic hose solutions and Kremer Services always try to be a leader in the repair and service industry.    Kremer Services stocks a large inventory of hydraulic hoses and hose ends, but if we do not have what you need, Weatherhead’s Port to Port Nationwide Supply Program can have hoses, fittings and adaptors to Kremers quickly.  For all of your air conditioning, high pressure hydraulic, or water hose assemblies and fittings, contact Kremer Services.   

  We have more than 550 hose end configurations all Featuring Diamond Advantage Hoses by Eaton Weatherhead