windshield wipersYour windshield wipers are a critical part of your vehicle’s functionality and safety. But, which one is the right choice for you? Make sure that you look at the owner’s manual to ensure you get the correct size. If you are not sure, you can bring your vehicle in and we can advise you on the correct wipers for your car. Always be aware of any noises or sounds that the wipers might make. As they start to wear, they will make noises.

What are the different types of windshield wipers

Wipers are essential for keeping your windshield clean and free of dirt, dust, and other debris. They come in a variety of designs and materials, so it’s important to choose the right type for your vehicle. Wipers work by using the friction of the wipers against the windshield. This action creates a current that is used to clean the glass. Also remember to check the windshield washer fluid. You will want this to be at the correct amount indicated on the reservoir. If it decreases a lot, make sure to bring it in so we can check for any leaks.

Remember to Inspect the Wipers

It is also important that you inspect the wipers on a regular basis. Sometimes, inspecting them can be as easy as just operating them. This is a good way to tell if they are vibrating against the windshield or not. As the wipers become old and brittle, they will chatter or leave streaks as they operate. Make sure to check the wiper, and blade to ensure everything is in the best condition. Even a small tear or rip out of it can cause issues as they run. Also make sure that the wipers clear away the precipitation without leaving any. This will help both your visibility and safety when you are driving.