Inspecting your vehicle for efficiency is important to do. Not only that, but it should also be done on a regular basis. By making sure your vehicle is in the best condition possible, you can help ensure it will be reliable when you drive. Make sure to contact us, as we can set up a maintenance schedule for you.

Inspecting the Tires

The tires are an important part to check on your car. This should be done before any long road trip, as well as on a regular basis. The first thing to check is the air pressure. You will want to make sure it is at the ideal amount. That can be found on the inside doorjamb of the driver’s door. It can also be found in the owner’s manual. If a tire loses air often, or goes flat, make sure to contact us. We can inspect them to search for the source of the issue. Checking the tires to ensure they are wearing evenly is also important. If they are not balanced correctly, they will not wear correctly.

Checking the Oil Levels

Another important part to inspect is under the hood. Here, you will notice belts and hoses that help the vehicle operate the best it can. Along with that is the oil. Changing the oil on a regular basis is important. This will help ensure that the engine will operate efficiently as well. Fresh clean oil is need for the engine parts. If the oil is old, it will cause greater strain and result in the engine working harder than it otherwise should. Following the recommended oil change schedule is always recommended. Every time the oil is changed, then a sticker will be placed in the windshield to remind you of the next oil change. With every other oil change, the filter should be replaced. Over time, this becomes clogged with dirt and debris it catches while filtering it from the oil.

No matter where you drive, having a safe and reliable car is important. So make sure to contact us to schedule your next vehicle inspection.