Have you been asking yourself if your vehicle really needs a spring tune up?  We get it. Life is busy, and for most Minnesotan families – spring is even busier. From cleaning up your yard to kids sporting activities, the average family is on the run the moment the temperature starts to climb. Let’s face it. We don’t want to slow down and do some of the basics, like take your car into the shop for a spring tune up. If you’ve been on the fence on whether your car really needs a spring maintenance check, we’ve got four reasons your car needs a tune up so keep reading.


1. Extending the life of your car with maintenance

Winter can be really hard on our vehicles. From the wear and tear from snow and salt to the bitterly cold temperatures, your car has taken a beating. Scheduling that spring maintenance check will extend the life of your car.  If you intend to keep driving that vehicle for a while, there are some things that need to be checked each spring starting with the quality of your tires. When you take your car in for a spring tune up, you can get those tires and rims checked. Ask your mechanic to rotate, balance, and check for damage. You’ll also want to have them check your alignment and suspension. All of these items impact the life of your car and the safety of your family.

2. Saving money

Who doesn’t want to save money when it comes to expenses related to your vehicle?  Did you know that regular maintenance checks can save on wear and tear – which in the long run saves you money on replacing parts, not to mention labor on car repairs? One little bonus: keeping your tires, alignment, and suspension in good shape can help save on gas.  When you take your vehicle in for that spring maintenance check, you are providing preventative maintenance on your car – which lowers maintenance costs and puts more spending money in your pocket.

3. Ensuring safety

Safety first can be your mantra when it comes to vehicle maintenance. At your spring tune up, your mechanic will not only perform routine maintenance on your car, they can also make sure your car is safe to drive. Ask your mechanic to check your headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Our winter weather can turn your headlights and taillights yellow or hazy which can create a safety issue when it comes to night time visibility. Plan on replacing any yellow or hazy lights and replacing burnt out bulbs. One last item to ensure safety?  Get your windshield wipers replaced in spring so you’re ready to see clearly out the front windshield in rain or shine.

4. Finding peace of mind by having maintenance done

Have you ever wondered what that weird noise coming from under your engine or your back end is about? Or even more importantly, is it safe for your family to drive when you hear that noise? Scheduling your spring maintenance check can give you peace of mind while you have those weird noises checked out. Your mechanic can check on how your engine is running, and if your belts or hoses have any cracks or tears from the winter months so that you avoid any side-of-the-road breakdowns this spring. Your spring maintenance check should also include topping off your fluid levels (coolant, transmission, power steering, and brake) while also replacing your cabin air filter so that you keep the allergens and pollutants out and fresh air in.

Choosing to have your vehicle checked every season is a great way to save money, extend the life of your car, and drive with confidence knowing that your family is safe and secure all year long.